Discipline Decoded

Do you want to look back at your life without regrets knowing you’ve achieved your full potential?

Then you need to train your mind to become DISCIPLINED. My best selling book will show you what every successful person already knows about developing discipline, habits and the right mindset for a better life.

Now is the time to take full control and ownership of your life.

Author Steve Taylor once suffered from poor mental health, habits and mindset alongside his chronic fatigue syndrome (ME). Read My Story here

However, his life took a turn for the better after he cracked the code to limitless energy, better habits and an unstoppable mindset all whilst helping hundreds of other men achieve the same.

He wrote this book to remind himself of everything he’s learned so far, to look back on if he ever waived from this and to share it with all men out there who want to achieve the same.

Read here about his open emergency abdominal surgery earlier last year

No matter what your idea of success is, you NEED TO ACHIEVE IT or you will look back with regret.

You can have everything you want by developing discipline and having the right mindset.

Make your life the one you actually want to live.

Learn how to eliminate bad habits and replace them with ones that improve your life.

Become a productive machine.

Stop caring about what others think.

Break out of your rut or negative spiral.

Own your emotions and take full responsibility for everything happening in your life.


A Short Video Of My Personal Story That Not Many Know About My Past Being Bed Bound For Over A Year Straight With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


Men For Anywhere In The World, Make Today The Day You Change Your Life For The Better And Get In Touch. Stop Waiting For The 'Right' Time As It Will Never Come.