Blog Post

What an original name for a blog post. I know I know I’m a genius.

I was reading a couple blog posts this evening procistinating with the work I have to do and I realised how long some are. I’m sorry but If your blog posts are more than a thousand words, they better end with “… and that’s how you can build your own light sabre.”

KEEP your content smaller because I almost dropped back to sleep after 500 hundred words about ‘going beast mode’ in the gym and killing workouts with the heaviest weight there.

As a coach I’ve always been more interested in the people who aren’t members of gyms or people who walk through into the gym for the first time. That is a true test of strength! You can be the strongest man in the world yet I BET they wouldn’t be comfortable going to a ballet class. That’s what it’s like for guys  starting out on their fitness journeys it’s scary.. I get that.

Here at Get Body Confident we make that first step SO much easier. In fact we make results easy too.

And hey if you’re already started in a gym or program. Step outside your comfort zone with it. Go for some extra reps, hit that PB, reduce your rest time by 15 seconds and work hard!

If we keep doing the same things everyday we will keep seeing the same results, one day we need to step it up.

  • December 5, 2016