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Stephen Taylor Personal Training Cambridge is the best option for those wanting to slim their waist line down and drop fat radically to feel more confident in themselves and their bodies.

Contact him now if you’re serious about changing your shape, with personal training to group training and splitting costs he has the option for you to finally make change and this time KEEP the results.. no more quick fixes!


Unfortunately due to great results with his current clients evenings are full booked so you must qualify to show you’re really wanting to see changes to your body if you’re looking to train with Stephen – apply below and he will get in touch with you and help in every way he can so you don’t have to worry about your weight anymore! No more stepping on the sad step (aka the dreaded scales!)

Stephen Taylor Personal Training Cambridge, helps people just like you completely transform their lives both physically and mentally in 12 weeks or less so they can have tons more confidence in their body and enjoy their lives to the max.

It was in his initial couple of years as a personal trainer working at La Fitness, that he realised many of his clients felt conscious of people watching them during their sessions.


The gym was always rammed full, and clients often had to hang around waiting for equipment.(I’m sure you’ve had this problem at peak times) Working in a commercial gym he realised how impersonal personal training can be – so now he offers his own facility – no more feeling self-conscious in front of ‘fit freaks’, and no waiting – simply access to the best reesults – not many places you can train with Personal Trainer of the year 1-1 and get advice from a top nutritionist while you’re at it!

Stephen Taylor Personal Training Cambridge

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Book yourself in to see if you qualify for a free trial session to get your journey started. You will finally lose weight, keep it off and feel great.