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Cambridge Personal Trainer Stephen Taylor has a reputation for amazing results with his clients, he has lost over 50pounds with many. Despite this he is also very picky with WHO he trains… unlike most personal trainers out there who train anybody who would offer them money.. he does quite the opposite. He will only accept those with at least a stone to lose and those who are sick of feeling overweight, ready and wanting to make serious change to their body and life!



He owns his own small gym for private 1-1 and 1-2/small group training. This is ideal for those who are always feeling judged when stepping into the gym. All those eyes of the ‘big guys’ in the weights area and not being sure where to start so sticking to those cardio machines.

In his no judgement gym it will only be you and him (and any friends you bring along to train with) .. luxury or what? Private gym, personal trainer of the year training you… Doesn’t get much better

If you’re accepted onto his programmes for fat loss and weight loss, you can expect some fun sessions..lots of high intensity and weights. But don’t be scared everything is at YOUR level..no real ‘beastings’ that’s not how he works. Just smart effective training to get YOU results YOU deserve.


Trainer Stephen Taylor has helped tons of guys lose their unwanted belly fat and get into insane shape from the age of 30+ … age does not limit you! If you’re guy and you want to boost your testosterone levels and build some muscle while increasing strength and ENJOY your training, Steve may be the trainer for you (IF he accepts you onto his coaching) as he has a waiting list of over 70 guys who are looking to be coached. His expertise has helped guys not just with their body, but their business & job, their relationships and sex life and even their health from being so heavy and having bad knees to feeling light and running a marathon. It can all be achieved in small steps with the right help.

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Cambridge Personal Trainer Stephen Taylor