Potatoes are great and carbs don’t make you fat.

bench custom made to recruit more chest when pressingPotatoes are a great food to include in your diet if you’re someone who loves carbs and eating bigger meals.

In the 90s and early 2000s people were afraid of eating fat and every label said “low-fat”.

Then this changed into carbs being the enemy and the paleo diet and low carb diet took off. (Popular amongst a lot of personal trainers)

A lot of clients have come to me who have seen previous trainers who put them on extremely low carb and just don’t get on with it. Although i agree the the public tend to overeat carbs compared to protein there is no need to cut it out!!

They believe that carbs make you fat and that they’re bad for you… this is NOT the case. Over consumption of CALORIES make you fat.

I will tell you that’s an out-right lie, just like the whole “fat makes you fat” in the 90s.

Guess what? My clients don’t get super lean by going low carb… neither should YOU. You can get lean by eating a range of foods and finding a slight calorie deficit for fat loss to happen week by week.

In addition, the vast majority of people need a solid base of carbs to train hard in the gym so it would be stupid to cut them out if you want to improve your body-composition/drop body fat.

Both white potatoes and sweet potatoes are full of nutrients and they contain very very few calories.

100 grams of raw potatoes contain just 69 calories.

So 1000 gram (1 KG) of potatoes are just 690 calories. Now consider that an average diet is 2000 calories so you can eat almost 3000 grams of potatoes per day and stay within that. (DON’T ACTUALLY DO THIS)

That’s a lot of food volume and not that many calories.

In addition, potatoes have a lot of vitamin C and potassium so they’re not only good for fat loss but also nutritious.

They make fat loss almost effortless and provide you with the starches needed to train hard and burn body fat. 





High protein is vital for getting in great shape (the amount will depend on person to person) but neither carbs or fat will have impact on your body fat levels unless too much of it is eaten.


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  • November 28, 2016