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Client finds love in under 7 weeks?

Today I want to talk about an EPIC but different achievement from a new client Now I often talk about how my clients go from having low confidence and self esteem to feeling great and having more energy However today’s post is slightly different My client Pete, we’ve worked together for 7 weeks now, when […]

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My Secret Hidden Skill

What do you need to be happy & successful?   “I strongly suspect that his secret hidden skill that he doesn’t even know he has   is to take a client & figure out instinctively exactly what they need to be happy & successful and give it to them”   Lovely words from my awesome […]

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What you actually need is not what you may think you need

You find all sorts of weird and wonderful things on the Internet   Pretty much everything is on the internet now…   You can even learn how to ‘play a carrot’   That’s right kids ..   who needs a recorder lessons when you can just play a carrot…   There’s also dozens of […]

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5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Eat Healthy Year-Round — And 1 for Making Working Out Fun

5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Eat Healthy Year-Round — And 1 for Making Working Out Fun   Eating healthy is highly subjective and can vary greatly depending on you, your goals and your preferences. However, almost everyone can improve the nutrient density of their daily foods while leaving room for the occasional indulgence. Whether you […]

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Stretching Routine

Follow along with this awesome intuitive stretching routine I like to do post workout or before bed.   I hate stretching, honestly.. and because I don’t do it enough.. in fact i’m very inflexible in certain areas.   Despite this making that time to stretch and do something you don’t enjoy is important for the […]

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High Protein HEALTHY Flapjack Recipe

Try this healthy high protein flapjack recipe.   As a Personal Trainer & Nutritionist everyone expects me to eat ‘clean’ all the time. This is far from what I actually do… in fact, most evenings before bed I eat a large bowl of cereal. I love cereal… Cereal.. that high calorie high carb processed food […]

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