A few clips of sessions with my clients making insane progress week by week

My amazing client Eoin smashing his session this morning. Going into his 40s in the BEST shape of his life! It’s never too late to start ??? Try this workout for the biggest and BEST arm pump you’ll ever have .. in just 4 minutes? Use this at the end of your bicep workout after doing a few heavier sets and feel them like you’ve never felt them before! 20 reps on the cable machine pulling the rope apart (stretch at bottom squeeze biceps at top!) 20 reps on Dumbbells (as many as you can arms together then one arm at a time to finish off squeezing and twisting with your pinky to get full contraction at the top!) 20 reps on a curl bar (thick grip to take stress off joints) last set 20 reps back on the cables. Take 20-30s between sets!

The awesome Gareth at the age of 51 achieving amazing personal bests every week and dropping inches around the waist while getting into the best shape of his life!

Busy super dad Adam smashing back and biceps in his session with cable rows with a back attachment designed to achieve full contraction of the lats (resulting in incredible gains) Recruit more muscle fibres and handles which rotate giving a completely natural movement for the muscle group.

The second exercise is bicep curls with my new level curl dumbbells.

The fact is if you’re not applying TENSION to your Biceps and Triceps throughout the full range of movement then you’re MISSING OUT on arm size!

A typical bicep curl with dumbbells or barbell will apply a varying load to your biceps. Minimal load to start with increasing to max load half way then reducing the load to finish off the movement (this is making you miss out on results with the effort your putting in to the movement!!)

Changing your body position or using a bench can help to change this but the Lever Curl Dumbbells are a Far More Efficient and Effective way to change the Strength Curve quickly and achieve the results you want in a shorter time.