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Learn The Secrets To Finally Getting Lean And Achieving The Body Of Your Dreams While Getting Insanely Strong Without Ever Having To Do A Minute Of Cardio Ever Again!

99% of ‘Personal Trainers’, Coaches, Nutritionists and Guru’s will tell you this is impossible…

But 99% of Guys don’t do what I do and won’t show you the most EFFECTIVE and efficient ways of transforming your body shape and feeling amazing.

There really is SO MUCH fluff on the internet which is making it harder and harder for you to achieve the body and life of your dreams.

There is a simple system that helped me and hundreds of guys actually lose fat easily while putting on muscle EVERY SINGLE week…

In fact, I know what I will to tell you is conflicting to what most guys believe… but then again, no other coach will help you achieve the INCREDIBLE results I help every single client of mine acheive without fail with my SIMPLE system which over delivers 100% of the time.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Online Coaching


What are the benefits of online training?

•Don’t have to go into a gym: Gyms are sometimes uncomfortable environments for clients. In addition, the gym might not be located conveniently for you.

•Don’t have to work around each other’s schedule: As a highly in demand coach I  have long wait times for popular spots. This way as a client you can work out when you want and still benefit from my guidance. In addition, if you are 5 minutes early or late, you don’t lose out. Imagine showing up at 7:08pm and not missing out on 8 minutes!

•Strong accountability and support systems.

•The best trainer for you isn’t necessarily the one who works at the gym around the corner. Online training allows you to seek out and find the top expert in whatever you specifically need support.

•Free exclusive client only app to track progress: See all of your stats, track progress, and communicate with your trainer in real time, on your time.

What exactly is Online Coaching?

Online coaching is the future of personal training.  You will receive coaching from Steve virtually.  Your programs will be sent to you though Steves personal app.  You will be getting the exact same results as one-on-one personal training, but at a fraction of the price.


Why is Online Coaching so effective?

It’s very effective for many reasons.  For starters, you get to still have control over your own schedule…

Personal training doesn’t work for many people because their lives are hectic and they train at different times daily, with online coaching, your schedule is still yours.  On top of this, the program is fully personalised towards you.  This includes what equipment you have available, how you eat and how often you are able to eat or train.

Who is this online coaching program for?

This coaching program is for Men or who want to achieve any of the following: building muscle, losing fat, getting leaner & getting stronger
This program is NOT FOR treating medical diseases.


What Do I Get?personal trainer cambridge steve taylor

Imagine yourself 6 months from now, you’ve achieved the body, the drive and the life you’ve always dreamt of. This is exactly what you’ll get if you follow my simple system.

If just workouts or diets were the answer, everyone would be walking around in this kind of shape. Coaching goes far deeper than that to get the result you want – You may need someone to listen and understand your situation. Yes as an online coach I will build workouts and meal plans, but – more importantly – I will make adjustments to help you succeed in the long run…if there is ever something stopping you from achieving the result I create the solution to make sure you keep on track.

You will have access to the materials that won’t just help you achieve a great body but also the help to continue to make progress for the rest of your life.

You’ll also receive

Everything from rep ranges to amount of calories will be analysed to make sure you’re progressing  every single week — no questions asked, no more guessing and no more headaches. Just access to the best to achieve the best results.

EXTRA Fast personalised fat burning cardio routines you can do anywhere 

(Fast track your way to burning fat in a shorter time and it in to your busy week with personalised routines if wanting them)

Steves Exclusive client only App access to track progress and your entire fitness journey

Workouts to complete and improve on weekly with full exercise library and tutorial so no more time wasting on YouTube with random trainers showing you incorrect form — our database has you covered, all at the click of a button.

This system was created to simplify and track everything you do with the ease of having it all on your fingertips with direct communication with the system.

This revolutionary software literally tracks every tiny detail of your training, your nutrition, as well as your measurements and photos over the course of working together.

Email support & Access To An Expert 

Video and pdf guides sent over and help with anything whenever needed. From supplement guides, when and how to use them for best effect to form checks to make sure you’re getting the best out of each and every workout to just having a chat to progress further the support you’ll receive will be the best the fitness industry has to offer.

Weekly or monthly skype call depending on what best suits your situation.

Mindset coaching to discover ways which will keep you feeling amazing, motivated and consistent with your routine so you never have to struggle again

Recipe book with the best easiest recipes for results 

If you live close enough, a technique session in my PRIVATE gym.

Just fill out the form below to finally have more energy, drop the body fat you want to be able to live the life you want.


Online Coaching

Application For Online Coaching