Question I got asked on fat loss pills

So everyone wants the newest and quickest way to lose weight!? Fat loss pills – green coffee extract, raspberry ketones, TTA the list could go on for quite a while.


First things first. . to lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit .. something NO PILL or POWDER can do!! Only you can through eating well (80% of the time and enjoying your diet) and the right type of regular exercise!

Now first things first make sure you diet and exercise regime is amazing, in fact more than amazing before wasting your money on these. Fat loss supplements are like trying to empty a swimming pool with a teaspoon and, if not exercising hard and eating well, while there is a thunderstorm of rain!!

get your training and nutrition consistent and solid, find something that works for you. When you’ve found that, fat loss suppliments may have there place. (WHEN IN A CALORIE DEFICIT AND TRYING TO BURN THAT LAST BIT OF BODYFAT)

I should know, I’m like you guys out there, I’ve tried them too! CLA (conjucted lipoic acid) – supposed to be found in grass fed meat to help stimulate fat bpersonal training get body confidenturning. I found i was much better of saving money and perhaps buying grass fed for the extra CLA (which btw has no real studies apart from on rats that it works)

Green tea – now I still have this in supplement form in my stack – why.. Well I don’t know as I drink it every morning in tea form with my breakfast anyway. So perhaps a waste of money for a great antioxidant to include in your diet no doubt!

Ala – alpha lipoic acid – now this is an interesting one. I would recommend taking this with a higher carb meal –

Perhaps post workout if you time you carbs then and it will help shuttle the carbs into your muscles instead of being stored as fat. Really good for insulin sensitivity and a powerful anti oxidant. be careful it can burn your throat so don’t have too much.

L carnitine – heart healthy – I tried this out a while a go for fat loss too – I’m stupid right buying all this stuff and a hypocrite? Yeah maybe. But yeah this stuff may be healthy but there are no proven studies to suggest it helps burn fat in anyway. – I wouldn’t recommend anyone buys it and I don’t recommend it to any of my paying clients.

Chromium – interesting one again. Perhaps good if you’re super low carb and having cravings but again lacking scientific proof.

Omega 3 – fantastic to have for general health, fat loss properties in there too as anti inflammatory but make sure to keep in a cool place! Or just EAT your oily fish – salmon, mackerel, trout mmm!

To sum up, I wouldn’t recommend spending money on supplements until you’ve sorted out the essentials. If serious about fat loss get in 1-3 cups of green tea a day!

Eat lots of oily fish – if you can’t then it might be a case of getting a supplement for it.

Alpha lipoic acid if going low carb and wanting it every now and again for your higher carb meals

But I’d stay away from most on the market. If a study says ‘this may enhance weight loss’ take that as it most definitely will not!

  • July 20, 2016