A few messages I get on the daily. Could this be you?

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Losing body fat and getting into great shape just for you, it helps you become the best man possible for your kids, partner, family & friends. Give a listen to garters awesome journey so far.

Improved relationship with his wife, now has the energy to play football with his two boys and improved focus and mood.

People should be more like Gareth. He enjoys the occasional beer with friends, he enjoys eating out, eating his favourite foods every week, doesn't eat out of tupperware or eat chicken and brocolli or eat 'clean'

But he always makes progress every week, drops body fat every week and is looking more and more awesome.

True inspiration for anyone who's being held back by excuses as to why they can't do something or aren't in the shape they'd love to be in!

I hear people say that after a certain age, exercise should just be about health, not looking good? - What a load of crap!!

“getting in shape” shouldn't get harder as you get older .. stop telling yourself this!

No, you can’t stop Father Time and work from stealing your youth and time - But you can get the right help with mindset, workouts, nutrition which will get you in great shape, give you more focus for work, energy for the kids (and partner) and confidence and how to configure it within the rest of your life.

So you can drop fat, become healthier, and more muscular ..all while enjoying an occasional takeaway and beer!

Ive trained a lot of guys that hit their all time best shape well after 30, 40 and 50 years of age and I'm talking everyday dudes here who have spent their entire lives looking average at best .. Until one day they make a life changing decision: they decided to trust someone to help take them forward and make small actions daily to hit the shape they want.

So stop telling yourself stories about why you can't do something or look a certain way.

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With Stephen I lost 20kg (44,8ibs). The progress was just incredible. I’m now much more confident and happier with my body and have more energy.

Before I started with Stephen I was unhappy, spending a lot of money on clothes hoping it would make me feel better but it didn’t. I realised the problem was my body, the way it looks. I was tired all the time and I was a bitch, seriously I was so toxic! My fiancé told me ‘you have no idea how much you have changed since you started training’

Get in contact with him if you would love to change your life.

Mariola Strzalka
Personal Trainer

Stephen showed me all the mistakes I was making with my own training. He is highly knowledgeable in terms of nutrition and showed me ways I could stay on track with my diet while at work. It was great to have my abs back for summer. Go train with him if you want to drop fat from your stomach or any other area while toning up


I’ve always been into keeping fit but I was un educated with nutrition thinking simply low fat and small quantity of foods would help me lose fat. I always wanted a toned body and no matter what I tried it never worked. I’d spend hours each week doing cardio but my body would never look the way I wanted. Now I am toned in places I always wanted to be and my body is shaped in way which I like. Feeling strong makes you feel great.


Comment from my wife yesterday when I took off my big winter hoodie:

"Wow, your arms look huge!" 

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"He works in a non-intimidating environment allowing you to be honest and open about your goals without fear of judgement therefor achieving more than you ever thought possible!"

"I've Lost 2 Inches from my gut"

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personal trainer cambridge

"I had 3 trainers before Steve and none of them came close to how he helped me change my body...what he does is incredible"

"I strongly suspect that his secret hidden skill that he doesn't even know he has

is to take a client & figure out instinctively exactly what they need to be happy & successful and give it to them"

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