Start again on Monday?

Fitness class

Do you do this at the weekend too?

So this is how it used to go..

Good all week…On plan all week with diet..

Screw it all up over the weekend.

Actually, I hear this all the time.

(It’s one of the most common things I hear from new or potential clients…)

“I can be good all week, but then at the weekend I just end up ruining it all”

When you think about it…

If you’re off work at the weekend – it should be a lot EASIER – not harder?

It’s just that we seemto have gotten ourselves into this sort of “self entitlement” mode when it hits Friday night…

Almost like you’ve managed to scrape through the ‘hard’ week you’ve had…so you deserve to blow your good nutritional choices out the window.

Why is that?!

We are the local experts when it comes to helping women achieve lasting body transformations through our programmes.. and I’ve found a few things that will help this through the years.

Here are a few things that might be screwing with you, and causing your weekend sabotage efforts:

1. Lack of consistent routine

I’m sure you would agree that your week days have a much more rigid routine that your weekends, right?

Most things have their set times during the week.. Work, kids drop off, pick up, kids football / dancing club drop off etc whatever it may be routine wise! – breakfast – lunch – dinner

Have you got weight loss goals?

You might want to think about having more of a routine at weekends, too.

Or you’ll fall into that

‘be good all week, eat the whole house at the weekend, feel GUILTY, bloated and rank on Monday’ trap.

Nobody wants that!

2. Feeling of entitlement after a hard week

We’ve all had tough weeks. Running from one thing to the next without stopping to breathe.

And yes, by all means, treat yourself to a glass of wine a
nd some … chocolate on a Friday night (I certainly did yesterday!)

But don’t let it start the cascade of “it’s the weekend,

I’m going to eat the entire house and start again on Monday”

Some people will tell you – don’t worry, it’s okay. Start on Monday (AGAIN).

I won’t, though!

The straight up honest truth is this:

If you have BODY CHANGING GOALS – being ‘good’ all week & blowing it at the weekend – is NOT going to get you anywhere closer to those goals. (Unless still in a calorie deficit of course!) which may be unlikely if really letting yourself go!!

Consistency will.

Consistency with your choices.

If you plan your meals – I GUARANTEE you will be less likely to be tempted by the weekend binge.

Before you sabotage your own hard work,

step back, breathe for 5 minutes and think – is this REALLY what my body needs right now?

Do I really NEED this?

Like I said, by all means enjoy a little of what you fancy…

But know where to toe the line.

You CAN avoid that depressing Monday morning where you trudge through to the bathroom,

to bescreenshot of text messageat yourself up by standing on your scales,

to see how much damage you’ve done over the weekend.

You just need to learn HOW to get the balance right… this will happen over time with being consistent enough with training and keeping your diet full of nutritious foods 80% of the time and enjoying that little something naughty in moderation!

Something my group personal training women are smashing at the moment is their diet…HOW?

Because they’re being kept accountable to their goals, something no gym or club will do.

Although we have had one compliant….
From a local lady,
Her results have been amazing
BUT there’s one major thing she’s unhappy with us for because we didn’t warn her it would happen!
To quote her words yesterday ‘this is costing me a fortune, i now have to buy new summer clothes – nothing is fitting me anymore’
This programme has proven to be a real winner with the awesome ladies taking part with them all enjoying exercise and making a few small changes to their diet (for massive effect)
Just to be clear: If you do take part there is a high chance your summer clothes won’t fit well after!

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  • August 26, 2016