Your Weekly Must Do Check In

Weekly Check In Form For Legends Only Ready To LEVEL UP

  • So i know which absolute legend i'm reading and giving feedback to LEVEL UP even more.
  • If struggling to answer ... What non negotiable can you set yourself each day to look back and feel proud this time next week For example: My daily non negotiables that ensure I see each week as a success .Exercise daily (even if just a walk) .2 litres of water (I make it easy for myself by downing 1litre to begin the day, making it easy to hit) .30 press ups as a midday energy 'pick me up' .30 minutes of deep work .phone away in a cupboard so i can unwind or work without distractions .roughly 100grams of protein daily (or more) .Big pile of veg with main meal (can make this easy by heating up mixed frozen veg for a few minutes in the microwave) These disciplines allow me to keep sharp mentally, and physically