Calorie Calculator

Having a low body fat is the key to looking awesome and what many want to achieve.. However .. In order to reach a low body fat it is vital that you eat at a caloric deficit.
By consuming fewer calories than your body burns, it will be forced to use stored energy (body fat) for fuel.

This means you can eat your favourite foods and drop bodyfat …

that’s right, bread doesn’t make you fat

chocolate doesn’t .. not even pizza.

However, this is much easier said than done. Current nutrition ‘wisdom’ makes it very difficult to eat at a caloric deficit.

My first tip would be to TRACK CALORIES!

You wouldn’t go into ASDA with only £10 and not add up the amount you’re spending as you shop.. as you wouldn’t save money without tracking your expenses. So why would you try to lose body fat without tracking your calorie intake?

Damn it granola .. who’s that gunna fill up?
You’ll be shocked if you weighed out what an actual serving of cereal is. I weighed out what I thought was a 45g serving of granola yesterday which would have been 194kcals….I went to weigh it and BAM, over 700 KCALS!

This is how easy it can be to over eat! I love cereal but damn this sucks if you have to eat this little to keep calories low, the 45g serving is like 10% of my average bowl!!

When you have no idea how many calories you are taking in, losing body fat becomes much more difficult..if not impossible.

As humans we are very bad at ‘listening to our bodies’ and eating out of boredom or comfort

Therefore it is critical that you track your calorie intake if you’re serious about dropping fat consistently… at least until you know the foods and amounts you eat each week.

If you think about it you probably stick to the same 40-60 foods each week, once you know the calories, protein and carbs in this then tracking is not needed.

The great thing about tracking is that adherence becomes much greater… you’re very aware of how much and what you’re eating.
You are much less likely to overeat because you know exactly how much to eat and when to stop!

With smart phones, it is absolutely effortless to track your calories now … I’d advise you to download Myfitnesspal or my personal get body confident app if a 1-1 or online coaching client.

With MyFitnesspal amongst other apps it makes tracking easy with pretty much every food on the data base.

If you’re a personal client you can also use my own personal app to track your calories and food.

Do this one thing and you will begin seeing some great results.