What My Clients Say

"Without having Steve in my corner it would have been hard.
I don’t mind sharing that I’ve struggled with depression and one of the factors with that is that I didn’t feel good about myself.
So Steve’s given me the tools to look after myself keep on going further, beyond what I thought I was capable of.. Give Steve a call, just speaking to the guy you’ll know that he’s different, nothings hit home until I started working with Steve"
- Paul

“This summer i’m really looking forward to going outside and going to swimming pools without feeling any issue at all, that’s huge for me, i genuinely never ever thought that would be possible, I remember sitting in my room being so nervous about my situation before calling steve but i’m so glad that I did, he’s genuinely so friendly, knowledgeable and reliable."

- Lewis

“I approached Steve last year, i was in terrible shape, weighed far too much, I’m a very busy dad, but Steve changed it all, the changes were easy, it was simple, made it easy with things I didn’t need to think about and since then I’m the fittest shape of my life, this time last year I couldn’t run 5 minutes now I’m running 10k for fun, it really changed my life"

- Duncan

“Before coaching with Steve I hated myself and my body, I was stress eating, everything was really bad. Steve was so supportive and within 1 week I was feeling better to the point that now I look forward to training. I always thought i was not an exercise person and hated myself BUT steve is so amazing and positive and is exactly what I need"
- Julio

"Before starting with Steve I was 'Skinny Fat’ .. so I was quite slim but carried a lot of weight around my tummy,
and I had started to develop moobs and arms were looking floppy as well
and even after 6 months of trying on my own I wasn't seeing any progress
so I decided to sign up to Steve and now all that stomach fat has gone,
My arms have doubled in size, my chest is a lot bigger and I've lost 12cms off from my stomach"
- Beej

"I now feel a lot more energetic, and have more enthusiasm for life,
I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to be able to play with their kids again"
- Scott

‘It’s only been a few weeks and not only have I felt good, I’m way more disciplined in all things i’m doing… one of the biggest was when my wife said ‘you’ve been less of a dick lately’ what she’s trying to say was, my sluggishness, low mood, irritability has improved an awful lot.

- Muz

“Before training with Steve I was the heaviest I’d ever been, couldn’t run around and play with my two kids, had very low energy & self esteem and most of all my marriage was failing badly. I’ve now got more energy, running around with my kids, my wife has fully noticed my change in body & mindset. You’ll be thinking why you didn’t try this years ago like me”

“Before starting I had low self esteem and not a lot of body confidence, I was at quite a low point looking at how I was 5/6 years ago and how I had ‘declined’. Thanks to Steves coaching I’m now standing taller, presenting myself more, I’m going out and doing new things so it’s helped me a lot personally.”

“Working 90 hour weeks it is just making that time, I couldn’t imagine being back where I was, not with the energy, the mindset, I was pretty miserable at work & with the girlfriend. I do wish I had done it sooner, but it’s never too late. Now I feel better mentally, I’m a better boss to get on with, have more concentration at work & don’t lose my temper”

“Before training with Steve I was unhappy, spending a lot of money on clothes hoping it would make me feel better but it didn’t. I was tired all the time & was a bitch. My fiancé told me ‘you have no idea how much you’ve changed since you started training’ get in contact with him if you’d like to transform your life.”

“I strongly suspect that his secret hidden skill that he doesn’t even know he has, is to take a client & figure out instinctively exactly what they need to be happy and successful & give it to them”

“Having tried gyms before, it just wasn’t the environment for me. From a recommendation from a friend I got in touch and it felt right from the get go. I now feel a lot more confident about myself physically & mentally. The motivation part couldn’t be more positive”

“So before I started training I felt very lethargic, I was really self-conscious about the way I looked and the way I was around other people, I had a gym membership which I hardly ever used. Now I’m feeling much more confident in myself, much more confident at work, around other people, going out I’ve got more energy, I have more ooompth and more attitude and vest for life. For anyone who is thinking of training with Steve I’d say just go for it it’s completely transformed my life, every aspect of my life It has improved just for doing this, so just do it”

“I can guarantee that this guy is the best, he knows his area, he knows what he’s doing and you won’t be disappointed if you start training with Steve. Before I started training with Steve I was low in the self confidence area. I didn’t feel confident that I looked good in clothes or whatever I was doing. I can totally see the results in my body & I’m very happy about it. I totally respect the guy & admire his body work & I’d definitely recommend him to anyone”

"I Would Avoid Taking My Shirt Off In The Bedroom With My Partner, My Clothes Didn't Fit Properly, My Low Body Confidence Had Very Negative Effects On My Relationship

It Was Obvious In My Body Language And Effected Me In Interviews And Work Situations Too

With Steve's Coaching I Was Still Able To Eat The Foods I Enjoy While Burning Fat And Building MuscleI Now Feel So Much More Confident, So Much More Happy, I'm Wearing Fitted Shirts And Feeling Good About Myself

My Mindset Has Also Completely Shifted I Don't Have A Constant Battle Of Dieting And Cutting Out Foods I Like. It Has Transformed My Life And My Only Regret Is Not Starting Sooner"

30Ibs lighter from online coaching while working 15 hour days, 7 days a week.

"get with steve and do his online coaching, you will see results, if i can do it, anyone can, i'm getting back the body and person i was 20 years ago, i thought that person was gone forever.

I was a tad skeptical of online coaching, frankly it's been really easy, the programme works around my schedule, results have spoken for themselves"

“Before i started coaching with steve, I had no energy, no will to do anything in my spare time & felt depressed, just 6 weeks in i have more energy, lost 15Ibs and 15cms around my waist"

"Before I began coaching with steve i was feeling really tired, unmotivated, more importantly than that i was getting severe back pain.

the changes since i began have been absolutely incredible, my posture is so much better, i get no back pain and my energy levels have shot up, i'm receiving loads of compliments now which is making me more compliment and this is just 6 weeks into coaching"


My wife was like 'WHO is this guy visiting me in the night all hot and manly?'

My wife wasn't giving me those desirable glances anymore. I had low energy & and felt like my life was stuck in a negative spiral. If I had never started online coaching with Steve I don't know where I would be right now. I had tried gyms in the past & even other trainers so was a little hesitant before starting online coaching. However the results & service provided by Steve has been incredible. The difference in results & quality is unbelievable compared to what I've tried in the past. I received more value in a 10 minute call than I did in 30 personal training sessions with a local trainer.

He helped me save my marriage & I can now enjoy playing sports with my kids and running about. I wake up looking & feeling great which is a complete contrast to this time last year.

If you're on the fence about having someone there to help you get in shape & get your life back on track, my advise would be to get in contact with Steve and stop waiting. I've found there is no perfect time to start. My one regret is that I didn't start this years ago and that speaks volumes for Steves training programme & coaching


The way he explains movements, changes your mindset & makes exercise fun again is something to be admired

"This time last year I was very unhappy with my shape. As a personal trainer myself i went to see Steve knowing his expertise in Nutrition and movement. I really appreciate his knowledge on these areas, I learnt more from him in one session than any course I had ever taken. The way he explains movements, changes your mindset & makes exercise fun again is something to be admired.

He is truly one of the best coaches the industry has to offer! He takes time listening to where I'd like to improve and paid careful attention to technique. He taught me techniques that made me feel my muscles work in ways I didn't know were possible.. the results I managed to achieve with stoves help were the best I've got in over 4 years of training. I've always struggled with the way I eat, he's helped me find balance and encouraged me throughout with mindset tricks and hacks which has really helped change the way I eat & see food, which in return has helped my body shape. He's fun to work with and was always determined to make sure I hit my goals. Thanks mate for all the help.


Stephen showed me all the mistakes I was making with my own training. He is highly knowledgeable in terms of nutrition and showed me ways I could stay on track with my diet while at work. It was great to have my abs back for summer. Go train with him if you want to drop fat from your stomach or any other area while toning up


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24 days progress training twice a week

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