On this page you’ll be able to find a range of workouts designed to get YOU results ranging from bodyweight only, using a TRX at home, dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell, slam ball and even Battle Rope only workouts.

Short Fat Burning Workouts

You can do absolutely anywhere…





(10s between sets twice round) – for this download any ‘tabata timer’ app from your app store, you can then add your own music and it will keep you in time for your own intense tabata workouts designed to get your body burning calories for hours after!




Short but sweet, the faster you complete this the better.. took me 3 minutes, see if you can beat that!

2.5 minute beer belly destroyer workout for busy guys

Prone Cobra & Press Ups Workout 20s effort 10s rest x 8 tabata fat blast

Tabata 20s Squat Jumps 10s rest 20s Glute Bridges x 8

Bastards (burpees), Mountain Climbers, Plank x 3 round 20s on 10s off

Plank, Prone Cobra, High knees 20s 10s rest x 3 round

30s squats 30s bastards(burpees) 30s star jumps 30s mountain climbers

TRX Home Workout Series

Build your chest and arm muscle tone while burning fat with this quick home workout you can do anywhere.

Home TRX Back & Rear Delt workout. Two EXTREMELY important muscle groups to work, to help get stronger on your press, improve posture and shoulder health, create that V shape back and to help your waist appear smaller. A short VERY effective routine to try at home.

Home leg workout. The pump is real!

Ab blast! The best way of working the core is through heavy strength training, the only way to see visible abs is to get to a low enough body fat for them to become visible, working your abs directly won’t do this. Having said this, your abs grow like any other muscle, so once you’ve got to a low enough bodyfat adding in direct ab work can be beneficial!

Try this extremely effective full body workout to burn fat and build muscle tone around the arms, back & abs!

Barbel Only Complex For Muscle Tone & Aggressive Fat Loss

Battle Ropes are a fantastic alternative to cardio for accelerated fat loss.

Kettlebell Only Workout – Grab one of these for a FULL body fat loss blast

SLAM BALL ONLY WORKOUT – if you’ve never used one of these before ,they’re an awesome tool for rapid fat loss. Here is another FULL body workout to blast.

Here are some DUMBBELL ONLY workouts geared to help you achieve awesome results and CHANGE your body shape. You just need a pair of dumbbells to work with at home to achieve some phenomenal results.

Give this back & abs workout a go for that V-shape. Get strong in a short time while feeling empowered and confident.

Here is an insane advanced high intensity cardio session consisting of penley rows (awesome for building an impressive back) – deadlifts (amazing whole body exercise for muscle tone and fat loss) burpees (just horrendous cardio) pull up burpees and kettlebell swings for explosive power and fat loss.

Bicep Offset Grip For Better Biceps

How to perform the kettlebell swing to get the max benefit from the exercise.

Remember your STRENGTH WORK is always more important than your cardio when trying to burn fat and get in incredible shape. These videos are great for when you’re stuck for time and need to get going but it won’t replace gaining strength week by week. For more information on why this is so important send me a message in the form below.


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