A Shopping List For Anyone Serious About Getting In Great Shape

shopping list

A quick blog article today, I just wanted to share a shopping list of foods to include if you’re in a fat loss phase. Foods which are FULL of nutrients and goodness to keep you full and give you energy. As much as your body CAN burn fat eating shit .. it does make it a lot harder as once one sweet thing is consumed it makes your body crave another!

So here is the list. Enjoy and get shopping. – Remember if you don’t have the food you binge on in you can’t eat it!

Carb sources (orbit around workouts)




Sweat potatoes

Basmati white rice


(Try avoid wheat/gluten carbs but don’t stress it won’t kill you but may help bloating/fat loss long term but don’t stress about the little things) 🙂

Protein – aim for at LEAST 30g with each meal for optimum fat loss

fat loss foodsAll fish – tuna, salmon, trout, white fish – sea bas etc





Exotic meats

Whole eggs

Cottage cheese


Full fat Greek yogurt (the brand ‘total’ has more protein and probiotics than other brands)

Quest bars, Grenade bars (probably the only two protein bars which aren’t full of crap!)

Veg  – (stay fuller for longer with more fibre and nutrients) – plus so little calories!! No chance of fat or weight gain!








Lettuce etc

Try Seuerkraut – full of probiotics for good gut health

Berries (frozen berries are awesome and slightly cheaper for more) blueberries and raspberries make an awesome sweat snack!

Essential fats (with protein) – (stay fuller for longer)cambridge personal trainer

Whole eggs

Salmon, trout, mackerel

Raw nuts, macadamia

Olive oil

Coconut oil

Dark chocolate 85%+

Try avoid

– fruit juice – a lot of sugar in this …

– sugary foods – too much sugar will lead to lower energy levels and cravings for the stuff!!

Take aways – like curry etc usually the sauces etc are full of calories!) making fat loss really hard. Remember one bad meal won’t make you fat.

Alcohol – although you can still lose bodyfat if you’re careful with this and factor it into your daily calorie needs! Alcohol will lower testosterone (the important man hormone for burning fat and building muscle!)

To sum up – include some of these nutrient dense foods in your life. See your focus go up at work and your belly shrink! For done for you training I currently have one space available for coaching in my private gym (first session free).

  • November 22, 2016