All diets work

When it comes to diets you need to realise that on some level they all work..

The next one isn’t the magic one

The new shake isn’t the answer you’re looking for

The next pill that comes out won’t suck out the fat within a month!

They all work because they reduce calories.

Then they all proceed to f*ck you over because they are too hard to stick to for long and then they don’t teach you what to do when they end.
We’ve all been there in the past trying Atkins, low carb, juice plus, 5-2 etc etc

And everyone who does these diets loses weight right?

Then they start to sell the plan themselves

Then they get fat again..


That shouldn’t happen if you follow a plan that works for you

The plan that works for you isn’t any of the ones that failed you in the past!

Want to find the perfect plan for you?

Easy, just ask and overtime we will find the plan you need to keep you on track for the rest of your life while losing bodyfat consistently 🙂

Small changes to your current diet over time will have huge effect!!

And the best way to effect on your body fat and weight long term too..


As it’s summer and some of you are on your holidays I’ve attached a quick hotel workout to burst some fat! With this training you’ll be burning more calories at rest too and burning the right kind of weight which is vital long term as going too low calorie for too long will slow your metabolic rate down!


  • August 23, 2016