Barriers To Your Goal

The Biggest Barriers in the way of your goal?

Below are the most common barriers that I hear again and again when people are looking to drop body fat and get in shape. Most of which can be the barriers to any goal be it relationships, business, work and so on.

  • 1.Motivation
  • 2.Willpower
  • 3.Time
  • 4.Love of food
  • 5.Kids
  • 6.Consistency
  • 7.Laziness
  • 8.Myself
  • 9.Wine and Chocolate
  • 10.Lack knowledge
  • 11.Lack of preparation
  • 12.Self Doubt
  • 13.Fear of being judged by others
  • 14.The weekends

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I hope you can relate to at least one of these barriers. One question-

These all sound like what?

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Okay this may sound like I am being insensitive. How could I possible understand what it is like facing these barriers? I’m a ‘personal trainer’ I ‘love’ working out and eating healthy? However I face these barriers a lot more than you will realise. In fact some on the daily and these barriers have effect on all areas of my life. Some weeks are better than others ya know.

  • 1.Do I lack Motivation- YES
  • 2.Do I lack Willpower-YES
  • 3.Do I lack Time-YES
  • 4.Love food-YES
  • 5.Kids -Don’t have any yet
  • 6.Consistency-YES
  • 7.Laziness-YES
  • 8.Myself -Come back to this one
  • 9.Chocolate –YES, Wine- NO
  • 10.Lack of Knowledge-YES
  • 11.Lack of preparation-YES
  • 12.Self Doubt-Nearly everyday
  • 13.Fear of being judged by others-YES
  • 14.The weekends- YES

Lets comeback to 8.Myself, you see all these barriers relate to myself.

Who’s fault is it that I lack time?-MY FAULT Who’s fault is it that I lack motivation? MY FAULT

I hope you get were I am going with this. It all comes down to you and facing your barriers/excuses head on. Taking ownership over them. Stop blaming others for the barriers you face and put the power back in your own hands. This is by no means a sign of weakness but one of humility and courage.

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Lets say you do take ownership … now what?
1. Have a goal and understand why it is really important to you. Keep asking why

2. Reach out for help, support or guidance whether it is from A professional, friends, family or a complete stranger –

Start something new, some


Barriers to achieving your goals

thing you have always want to do, yes it may be uncomfortable at first but getting comfortable being uncomfortable is the only way to grow.

3. Commit to something and don’t give up. Yes you may hit a couple of speed bumps along the way but you will speed right up after it. You will learn and keep moving forward

Any questions- you know what to do…

  • December 17, 2016