cheapest route?

I’m always amazed when people choose the cheapest route they can find to personal health, weight loss and fitness.

I’m not saying everyone needs to spend more than they can afford to get what they want.

But cheap weight loss products, quick fix shakes, gyms or trying to get fit with no idea what you should be doing in places who care more about your membership than your goals is the perfect way to get the same result you’ve always seen with this mentality.

Surely you are worth the very best you can afford to deliver the result you want not the least you want to spend to feel shit for not archiving it.

But here’s the kicker and the biggest reason people choose cheap.

When you choose a cheap product or service that puts the whole responsibility of the result on that product or service and away from you.

When you invest in yourself and fail it’s your fault.

When you spend on a product it’s the products fault.

It’s a comfort having someone or something else to blame but if you take responsibility, take action and invest time in yourself, commit to the process needed, get the advice you need you will get a different result.

If you do the same thing you did last year to get healthier, fitter, to lose weight I guarantee you get the same result as last year.

Invest in yourself and your health, the 85 year old you will say thanks if you do.

  • August 9, 2016