Client finds love in under 7 weeks?

Today I want to talk about an EPIC but different achievement from a new client

Now I often talk about how my clients go from having low confidence and self esteem to feeling great and having more energy

However today’s post is slightly different

My client Pete, we’ve worked together for 7 weeks now, when he started he had no experience lifting weights and felt very weak mentally and physically

He wanted to have the confidence to go and meet a nice girl as well as to get stronger

Well today, he deadlifted 1.5x his bodyweight, managed 8 pull ups and pressed 35kg dumbbells for 5 reps (with good technique!)

Now this may not sound like an achievement to some, however by managing this in just 7 weeks of coaching he has also reduced his waist by 10 (yes 10cms)

He’s built a good amount of muscle tone for such a short time lifting and being coached by me

He’s standing taller and feeling

I quote ‘the best I’ve felt since I was 18, in fact at 18 I didn’t even feel this good’

Now what I really wanted to get onto with this post was the fact, when Pete started he wanted to have confidence to meet a girl

Now, just 2 weeks in to working together he was meeting a girl, and now after just 7 weeks the nice girl asked HIM to be her boyfriend

Fact is, he’s pretty damn happy with how he’s turned his life around in a short time

He says he couldn’t have done it without the support, steps and gradual increase of intensity given each coaching session together

A successful day in the office I think

  • November 11, 2018