Eat pizza and get in shape

Hello all blog readers (all 2 of you) HI MUM.

So it came to my attention today that many of my clients are actually happy to know i eat pizza and chocolate.. Yes, me mr ‘Personal Trainer’ eats pizza and chocolate…

I usually get comments like ‘oh so you’re normal then’ when they find out! … Well, i would say i am FAR from normal, but i wont go into that for now fellas and lasses.

All it takes is a few SIMPLE and small changes to your diet with easy guidelines to follow to really change your body. Nothing too major or drastic..and yes you can still enjoy the occasional pizza and chocolate.

Try to follow the 80% rule… if you eat well 80% of the time then enjoy that little bit of chocolate or pizza or whatever your food pleasures are…but also make those healthy foods taste so good (check out my recipe book for that ;)) or even apply for a FREE transformation session with personal trainer Cambridge – stephen taylor (aka me)

For today just try drinking a big glass of water with every meal and in between every meal…you’ll end up eating a ton less calories .. resulting in more weight loss for you, yeah!

With each meal try add a bit of protein, message me for any protein ideas if you’re bored of plainscreenshot of text message old chicken..the possibilities are endless.

Getting in shape can actually be really ENJOYABLE with both your food and your diet.

Exercise too…I know how awful it can seem to start of with, the thought of going to a gym or getting outside for a run…believe me i still wake up not wanting to exercise. But the benefits and the feeling after ALWAYS wins. Those free happy endorphins from putting your body through a good workout beats anything..believe me. Even just a quick 20 minute HIIT workout will give you these free endorphins as well as burning a ton of fat.

Anyway enough from me for one day and yes this pizza did collapse on me but it still tasted like heaven….food presentation pfffft who needs that!


  • April 3, 2016