Enjoy something naughty

enjoy something naughty

enjoy something naughty

I hate seeing stuff like this as a Personal Trainer…I saw it posted on Facebook by another Personal Trainer in Cambridge (he will remain unnamed) ENJOY SOMETHING NAUGHTY 🙂

Seeing it as something that ‘allows’ for certain foods….

Exercise should be part of life, so should good food.

Have a programme that gets results with enjoyable and challenging workouts.

Have a diet that allows you to be flexible at times but still gets you results! .. You don’t exercise just so you can eat certain foods.

Exercise is not punishment.

Use it, enjoy it, get stronger and fitter from it, feel better mentally and physically everyday from small progress and achieve the confidence and self esteem you deserve to live life to the full!

If you’re looking for a system to join that will allow you to still eat some of your favourite foods but also get results and remain consistent progress, so you have the energy of a 10 year old then feel free to contact me. I’m not saying it’s all pizzas .. 80% of the time food will be good clean unprocessed stuff… but yes, one takeaway will not make you fat! And you don’t have to slave away to burn it off guys…

Here’s to a new way of training, having fun and enjoying the journey along the way. Less cardio, shorter workouts, tasty foods (all this unhealthy stuff made healthy) along with the occasional naughty treat ;).

I love eating unprocessed, single ingredient food and cooking from scratch but I also love ice cream, pizza and snickers bars. I don’t eat them all the time, just the odd occasion when I fancy.

Sometimes I make alternative desserts using my Recipe book.. but does that mean they contain less calories? Not always. Does it mean I can eat more of them because they are more nutrient dense? No. So surely the examples here should be applied to all food, after all they still contain calories right?

Don’t get caught up in the whole ‘this makes you fat and this doesn’t’ bullshit. Eating too much too often will increase body fat whether its “healthy” food or not.


  • April 20, 2016