My Favourite ‘ab’ Exercise For Results!


A lot come to me wanting abs and to tone up their mid section. Usually they have a history of performing a load of direct ab exercises to ‘shape’ that area. Unfortunately you can do these all day, every day without seeing any results on that mid section if you have just a little bit of body fat covering it.

So my favourite ab exercise

Slams – with a slam ball – pick a ball up, stretch your core back and slam it down on the floor or matt as hard as you possibly can – squat back down right away and slam again.

Great stress release too,or anger management pretending its that one persons head you hate at work 😉

Not only will this work your mid section but it will burn an absolute ton of fat compared to classic crunches resulting in actually seeing abs develop over time. If you’re wanting to see what the fuss behind slams are book in for a 30minute free strategy session and i’ll show you!


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  • April 2, 2016