Your guide to go from evening binging to losing 10ibs in just a few weeks + saving time while getting more done

Here is how my online client has gone from binging on a pack of Jaffa cakes every evening
To now doing 100 (yes 100) push-ups instead while losing 10Ibs in the past 4 weeks

First things first, we wanted to stop the feeling of ‘guilt’ that he felt each night from the biscuit binge

We began by simply aiming to become more aware of the feelings before going for the binge in the evening

Then, once we became aware that they were just feelings, something we don’t always have to act on

Our next goal was to ‘distract’ and take the mind totally off this feeling and onto his body and muscles

I won’t go into the boring science about how this works, but I’m proud to say, he has totally cut the habit and by doing so he now got the energy to enjoy time with his kids instead of feeling glum and guilty about his body and health

He’s gone from performing just 8 push-ups to now 100 within just 3 minutes (within 3-4 sets) and I quote ‘I can now see my chest and arms having a shape for the first time in my life’

The best part is, as he’s now creating better habits he’s feeling more positive every day

This has meant his partner has been looking at him the way she used to when they first started dating, who doesn’t want more lovemaking as a positive side effect of feeling better and losing weight?

Look, having bad habits is normal, we all have them! I have many to improve on still myself

But don’t overlook the power or having a coach to help replace the bad habits that leave you feeling poop with good habits, it won’t just change you but help the relationships with those around you as you feel and see the positive change

I wanted to quickly now touch on time

The fact is we all have the same amount of time each day

We get 24 hours every single day, yet there are those people who manage to get so much done with their time

And that leaves you feeling like you’re simply managing to get the bare minimum done day to day

Just going through the motions with barely enough time to get the washing, cleaning and cooking done never mind have a second to think about yourself

Here’s the thing, if this is you

Your current priorities look like this and it’s doing you and those around you a disservice in life


The problem with this priority list that YOU are not on it….as much as you may think otherwise

Here’s how you gain that time and help others more


Look, simply making YOURSELF the biggest priority, everything that follows in your priority list will begin receiving the BEST version of you.

This in itself will help you SAVE time and ensure you use it effectively. It will help others receive the best you, not the mediocre version of you. You can effectively time block your non-negotiables and things that matter and need to get done.

It will prevent you from going day to day, week by week, month to a year without valuing yourself as the priority. Don’t be a disservice to others and yourself and rob the best memories and years from your family & loved ones ?

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  • April 20, 2019