Gym membership vs Group Personal Training?

group personal training get body confident

Hope this helps motivate at least one person to not miss out on an awesome opportunity..
So why personal training or group personal training when I can get a gym membership for less?

The gym offers NO accountability which means if you don’t go to the gym they don’t care…(Read somewhere around 80% of people with gym memberships don’t use it which probably explains why most of my 1-1 clients come from gyms being unhappy with their current shake) without accountability results are 100x harder to achieve!

No motivation, you don’t get motivated through your workouts, your don’t get encouraged to do that little bit extra which is vital for achieving results ..instead of going through the motions

Little support…yes you can get a gym programme but most of them aren’t worth the paper they are written on, and once the instructor has taken you through the programme then your left to your own devices for the next 4-5weeks. Sure you can get an update but since the last programme didn’t get you the results you wanted you’re hardly going to ask the trainers for another programme are you? And I don’t blame the trainers for their poor programmes its just they are back to back full with clients to write sessions for that they don’t have the time but still only get paid their going rate and their knowledge for fat loss is limited.

NO nutritional help this is the big one where gyms miss out, ok they have the fancy equipment but most of it is not needed for getting in great shape!!
The gyms offer Zero nutritional help…they are not supporting clients outside of their workouts to stay on track or pick them up when feeling down/had a bad day (we are all human) can’t really understand this as for any successful body transformation you need both diet and exercise! ��Ok so why group personal training?

Offers accountability, i expect to see you at the sessions… Or I’ll be on your back 😉 And if you’re held accountable to turn up and do the work results happen and let’s be frank about this, everyone who exercises wants results. And results are what happens when you join the right programme (link below for more information)

These sessions are designed to get maximum results with fat loss, with lots of thought gone into the programme, sessions, exercises and form being watched throughout to make sure technique is good. Something you won’t get in a gym.

The aim of my group personal training is to motivate and support you through your health and weight loss journey and help you achieve those results by offering you as much advice and support as needed. The support not only comes from me but also training with a group of awesome individuals who are all trying to achieve similar goals as you ?

So to carry on is more expensive than a gym membership… (Which I wouldn’t recommend keeping anyway if wanting results)
The cost is probably less than many people spend each month on eating out and buying things they don’t need/won’t help their goals!

The cost of NOT hiring the right trainer/joining a group is actually higher in the long run!
**The gym memberships, the detoxes, the shakes, pills, clubs, sins, points, “healthy foods” weight loss foods, years of generic classes, new clothes because the old ones are tight
These are just a few “financial costs” people trying to lose weight have over the years this adds up to tens of thousands over a life time and believe me people do diet for a life time!

But the financial cost is irrelevant because if you truly believed that a solution would give you the result you REALLY wanted you would pay what ever it cost..

The emotional cost is a lot more.. How many years are you willing to spend being unhappy and annoyed with the things you hate about your body? That is no way to live!
Things I hear A LOT..
I hate my body, I hate this, I hate that.
“I’ll do anything right now to lose this weight”
“I’ll do anything to feel better about my body”
“My body makes me depressed and I don’t like looking at it”
“I want to feel like I am attractive to my partner”
“I hate being the ‘Fat One'”
That’s fine, I can help you with that, we can see a real difference in 3 months and it will cost £xxx
“Oh, I can’t really afford it”
BUT, they still spend money eating out, buying new clothes, things they don’t actually need BUT. . .
They use these things to sedate themselves from the pain they feel from being over weight, from hating themselves so they use these things as a distraction.

No one should go through life feeling unhappy with their body! In fact you should go through life feeling proud and happy at what you’ve work hard to achieve 🙂!

It’s painful the about the amount of people I see who come to me asking for help, desperate for support and guidance.
You see I have spoken with HUNDREDS of people who hate themselves, HUNDREDS.
People who then don’t value themselves enough to DO something about the things they are so desperate to change.
I realise that cost is an issue for some people but I also know that the majority of people who do inquire about personal training CAN afford it

BUT. . .
They are scared of losing the “THINGS” they use to sedate themselves.
MORE than they believe in themselves to achieve what they DO truly desire.

With the right person leading you there you have no choice but to succeed and not only achieve your goals but SMASH them into another level ?

  • August 26, 2016