High Protein HEALTHY Flapjack Recipe

Try this healthy high protein flapjack recipe.


As a Personal Trainer & Nutritionist everyone expects me to eat ‘clean’ all the time. This is far from what I actually do… in fact, most evenings before bed I eat a large bowl of cereal. I love cereal…

Cereal.. that high calorie high carb processed food that you cover in milk.

Yep that’s right I eat a load of carbs before bed…. But doesn’t that result in fat gain as you aren’t burning it off I hear you say?


It is the total amount of calories you eat throughout the day that will cause fat gain. It doesn’t matter when you eat them.

Breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day when it comes to getting in amazing shape, PROTEIN AND CALORIES ARE. Get this right ad you’ll get an amazing body. For more help with this just send me a message. There is no need to eat ‘clean’ all the time. What even is clean? Do you wash your food before eating it?

You should aim to have 80-90% of your food intake from single ingredient foods like beef, broccoli, potatoes, carrots, chicken etc .. but having a little bit of something naughty won’t impact your body UNLESS you’re eating in a calorie surplus. (You can still put on fat eating healthy things like the above if in a calorie surplus too!!)

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Anyway..going off subject here, back to the healthy baking

The great thing about baking healthy is that you DON’T need exact amounts of ingredients like you do with traditional baking to make it taste good.. You can genuinely make it up as you go along and bung ingredients in there at any amounts .. And as long as it’s not too thick or too runny it’ll work! And even if it is too runny you can still make it work by baking if longer 😉 …

So have fun and experiment if wanting something sweat that is actually full of nutrients.

But be careful as you CAN and WILL gain fat if eating too many calories, it doesn’t matter if those foods come from chicken and broccoli or snickers bars.. Energy balance matters! 
For me I love it after I’ve baked and I have something like this to snack on for the next few days when I’m hungry.

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  • January 17, 2017