Holiday Workouts

Belly fat burning Holiday Workouts.

Feeling a bit tubs after Christmas and lacked workouts? .. Yeah, I know that feeling.

So I’ve been away in France with my girlfriends family the past few days then straight from France to London for my family Christmas with my cousins.. which I love. But it’s also time off gym, and of course being Christmas there is a lot of chocolate in my diet and a nice calorie surplus (resulting in fat gain)

I don’t mind putting on a little fat over this time but it does get hard knowing there is no opportunity to go to the gym and build some muscle with it.

I’ve recorded a couple REALLY SHORT, VERY INTENSE, belly FAT burning workouts for you to try if you’re away with friends and family this Christmas without any gym!

The first workout is as simple as this.

All bodyweight .. 10 Burpees, 10 Pulse Squats, 10 Press Ups 3x Round NO REST! The burn on the quads was unreal and the heart rate was booming by the last round.. give it a go to burn some serious fat in a short time!

For the next short workout I’d recommend you download the app ‘tabata timer’

This app is a master piece for timed sets and higher intensity workouts!
You can put in your favourite songs and it will keep you in time with beeps.
Okay enough jibber jabber, just download the app for workouts!
8 sets – 20s exercise – 10s rest. Tabata style!
20s press ups
20s mountain climbers
20s squats
20s burpees x 2 round!

Now that is some good intense shit for getting your metabolism going for the day!

My next best tip for staying in shape without piling on too much fat when away without gym membership is to SKIP BREAKFAST!

Wait what!? Skip the ‘most important meal of the day?’ Surely not Steve?

Yep, skip it. It’s not the most important meal of the day, there is no such thing. Overall calories count when it comes to fat loss and fat gain. Skipping this meal gives you more chance to eat larger meals (or in my case chocolate) later on in the day. Common food tastes better in the evening doesn’t it?

Give it a go. It’s actually the way I keep lean all year round while still enjoying large satisfying meals and balance with my diet.

Follow this advice and you’ll get in great shape and STAY in great shape for the rest of your life.

  1. Workout well and SMART 2-5x a week (whatever works in your schedule is BEST) 45 minutes is all that is needed.
  2. Hit protein targets daily – 3-4 meals with 30-50g will do the job. This is easier than you may think to hit (plus you’ll stay full for a long time!!)
  3. Skip breakfast and enjoy more food later on in the day … BOOM

Have a great new year guys! And enjoy the workouts ?

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P.S do these workouts and you will feel out of breath. But it’s all part of the journey to looking awesome, like my client Michael here. Face transformation is top notch.

  • December 31, 2016