How I got a bald patch

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Had a shit haircut this week.

There are a lot of very good barbers around cambridge who do great cuts but this week.. that wasn’t the case. Hence the slightly bald patch in the corner of my hair 😉

It’s a bit like

got a shit haircut lol

Cheaper barbers = shit haircut
Cheaper PT’s = shit results
(most of the time)

coaching and nutrition.

I recently had a client who went elsewhere because it’s cheaper/more fun, the trainer likes to “change things up all the time” but has come back to me because they’re now injured from their new “fun” exercises (with a body that has put fat on and lost muscle)

To make progress, stick to what works.

If you wanted to get good at tennis you’d practise tennis damn near every day, and not preoccupy yourself with badminton & football for example…

In terms of programming, if you want to chop and change exercises you just become shit at a large range of exercises…if we just focus on what’s most effective, most efficient with techniques that supercharge your results on these exercises your progress will be dramatically faster and better than if you did what every other trainer in this industry teaches.

I went to the cheaper place and didn’t get the desired result with my hair, they wanted to swap and change things which resulted in this .. when really I just want the basics and to look damn good.

If you want to make sure you’re getting ‘bang for buck’ from your training (this doesn’t mean training hard or pushing yourself to the limit!) just involves smart techniques and using good form so that your body progresses week by week.

Remember: Good technique keeps you safe while you develop the body you want…if you’re using run-of-the-mill methods and running into niggles and injuries it’s likely to be sub-par technique that’s sadly standard.

I have endeavoured to learn as much as I can about anatomy and physiology so that everything I prescribe in both nutrition and training is guaranteed to be safe, maximally effective, individually appropriate, practical and sustainable…I dispense this info in a way that’s really simple to understand too…I don’t know many people in fitness who can truly guarantee all of this.

Remember, the summer beach body you want is built in the winter, you can only reveal what’s been built underneath in this time when you diet down.

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  • November 20, 2016