Is this guy YOU as well?


At school he used to be in shape and fit!

Played on the school football and rugby teams,

Enjoyed sports day,

And had loads of energy,

But since leaving school,

His energetic body has kinda left him too.

Out of no where he’s developed a bit of a gut, some love handles and what an ex client once called them ‘bitch titts’ (his words about himself).

The man in searching for lacks energy and drive,

Drinks way too much coffee just to get him through the day,

And he really just wants his body back.

On he knows he probably won’t ever look like he did when he was 16 but,

He does know that if he sorts his diet out and got into a workout routine he actually enjoyed that there would be a good chance he’ll feel like he did at 16.

A rippling 6 pack isn’t his major priority, although it would be nice, he’s more excited about having more energy, feeling fitter and healthier and actually being able to run around with his kids without getting out of breath.

Thing is, although he’s smart and is now committed to getting started on his new and exciting body transformation journey,

He doesn’t know the best and most effective way to go about it so he’s looking for a bit of guidance and maybe some support or a plan to get him started.

Do you know that guy?

If yes can you please let me know as I may have something for him that could help him get his body, energy and fitness back.carl

  • July 25, 2016