Naturally Slim People Do This

Want to be slimmer? Follow these 7 simple habits Naturally  slim people live by..

  • Eat a High Protein Diet
  • 10.000 Steps Per Day
  • Eat Freshly Cooked, Single Ingredient Foods
  • Limit Liquid Calories
  • Control Portion Sizes (Eat Smaller Portions)
  • Exercise on a regular basis
  • Stay Hydrated (Drink lots of water)

1. High Protein Diets

First of all High Protein doesn’t mean low carb or low fat it simply means including more protein in your diet because of the natural benefits protein has for weight loss.

Eating a high protein diet actually helps you target fat loss by helping you to retain (keep) muscle whilst dieting. When people diet and lose weight some of that weight comes from muscle alongsidefat so by increasing the amount of protein in your diet you help the body to keep as much muscle as possible meaning more of the weight you lose comes from fat which in turn means you look better as your weight comes down.

An added benefit of higher protein diets is that you stay fuller for longer, protein takes longer to digest than carbohydrates and fats meaning you stay fuller for longer.(Fact you may not know, digesting protein actually burns more calories than digesting carbs & fats , its called the thermic effect of food)

Protein: 20-35% of calories burned through digestion

Carbohydrates: 5-15% of calories burned through digestion

Fats: 0-5% of calories burned through digestion

2. Take 10.000 Steps per day

Its a simple thing but active people naturally burn more calories each day than inactive people so 10k steps is a great marker for those who want to ensure they are burning more calories day to day.

The average person who only takes 2500 steps per day will burn around 125 calories per day with those steps compared to someone who takes 10000 steps per day burning off around 500 calories per day through this activity meaning the person who takes 10k steps will burn enough calories each week to burn off 1 pound of fat (3500) compare that to the average of 2500 per day that would take 28 days for the same amount of calories through steps. (Based on the average person burning 1 kcal per 20 steps, some variation will apply depending on each individual person)

Add this in with a calorie controlled diet you could lose 2 pounds per week just by being a little bit more active & eating a little less food. If you’re seated start moving your legs more and keeping your body upright, not only will this help posture butit’ll burn more calories..resulting in MORE weight loss.

3. Eat freshly cooked foods

Its a fact that processed foods contain more calories than freshly prepared foods, you can control what goes in & so can control the calories per portion.

Using less oil & fats, adding more vegetables to bulk out meals, more protein etc can have a huge effect on the amount of calories you eat each day.

It isn’t too hard to see how this works when you look at a McDonalds burger containing over 800 calories without fries and a drink compared to a huge plate of fresh vegetables, chicken breast & home made oven chips adding up to less than 600 calories .

Calories really are king when it comes to weight loss so choosing natural foods over processed foods is a simple way of reducing overall calories without sacrificing on the amount of food i.e. the fresh foods are bigger for less calories so you feel fuller and still get to lose weight.

4. Limit Liquid CaloriesWith a small Latte at starbucks having 200 calories it isn’t hard to see how drinking calories can hurt your weight loss progress, simply limiting your liquid calories can cut out a huge amount of calories meaning its easier to lose weight & you eat more food.

Sugar free is best, a 330ml can of coke is 139 calories,  330ml can of coke zero is between 1 and 4 calories, there are more health risks associated with obesity than with aspartame so if you’re worried about sweeteners I’d be more worried about the potential health risks associated with carrying extra weight than drinking something proven to be safe in humans.

Still not sure? What about alcohol, alcohol is poison. It kills 2.5 million people world wide each year but people are usually more concerned with the health risks of a product that kills exactly zero people per year.

>> Great article on aspartame https://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/aspartame-truth-vs-fiction/

5. Smaller portions.

Smaller portions means less calories, less calories means more weight loss so doing something simple like reducing your portion sizes means you can lose weight without actually counting calories.

Most people eat too much, thats why they’re overweight, initially it may seem like a big restriction you’re placing on yourself but actually eating smaller portions in line with your lifestyle & activity will mean you can stay slimmer, be healthier & feel better about yourself.

Its possibly the simplest way of losing weight you can implement today & you’ll see results inside a week.

6. Exercise on a regular basis

There are so many benefits to exercise I couldn’t possibly list them all but exercise burns calories, it improves muscle tone, it helps you feel good about yourself, it makes you look sexier, feel better & lose weight.

Basically if you want to lose weight & feel better about yourself then you should be exercising, its a natural anti depressant (those post workout endorphins!) that makes you sexy, tell me again why you’re not exercising .. 4 minute booty blaster Here’s a FREE 4 minute workout to bust out – download app ‘tabata timer’ .. time is no excuse not to exercise, it will SAVE you time by making you more energised to do more and be more present with your friends, family and work.

7. Stay Hydrated (Drink more water)

Water is life, your body slows down without adequate hydration so drink more water!

Water helps with digestion, it helps you think more clearly, it will help you feel fuller on less calories & its good for your health

We often confuse the signal for thirst with hunger so many people will overeat just because they’re thirsty so next time you find yourself feeling hungry and it wasn’t that long since you last ate, reach for some liquid refreshment and see if it satisfies your craving.

Drinking 2 litres of water can boost your metabolism by 96calories per day according to the study found here http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14671205 why wouldn’t you want to do this when every 38 days you’d burn the equvilant calories of a pound of fat just by drinking enough water

  • July 18, 2016