Stretching Routine

Follow along with this awesome intuitive stretching routine I like to do post workout or before bed.


I hate stretching, honestly.. and because I don’t do it enough.. in fact i’m very inflexible in certain areas.


Despite this making that time to stretch and do something you don’t enjoy is important for the benefits!


Stretch 1 & 2: The first couple of stretches lying on your front twisting and pushing your chest up help relieve pressure in the back, really good after a long day at work (see how much better your back feels after it!)
Stretch 2: The exercise after this is for quads (and a great foot stretch too) if you’re not used to stretching your feet back that way.


Stretch 3: After this i go into the ‘downward dog pose’ this stretch is brutal for the calves .. you may find these are tight.


Make sure you keep your legs straight and try and get your heels to the floor – if it’s too painful try pushing one heel down at a time like i am.
Stretch 4: I then show a hip stretch (the sexual one) where you open my legs wide and push the bum back, really good for fixing any kind of butt wink (if you squat or deadlift and your bum caves in at the bottom) – real good lower back saver this one.


Stretch 5: The stretch after is another good one for the bottom/hips – placing one foot on top of your knee and pushing the hips forward (you’ll feel it!)


Stretch 6: Then the ole pigeon pose. Great stretch if you’ve got tension in your back (believe it or not!) but particularly good for the glutes (bum cheeks) – aim for this is to push your hips forward and down into that front leg. You can also push your front leg further forward for a deeper stretch of the muscle.
Stretch 7: Next stretch is for the good old hamstrings (as mine are always extremely tight) and if you’ve got any lower back pain or work in an office chances are… yours are too!
Sit on the floor, legs straight – roll your hands up and legs and feel that stretch – then bring your legs out wide while seated (like a seated sumo wrestler if there is such a thing) and try the same from this position stretching out to each toe.


  • February 7, 2017