The Best Stretch You’ll Ever Do!

Here are some of the best stretches you can do for tight muscles around your body. 

Is magic real? If you struggle with tight hamstrings then YES. Try this quick stretch (below). You’ll be left with more relaxed feet with a new level of hamstring flexibility!

This works as when you massage the soles or your feet you begin to loosen up the point of a network of connective tissue that runs all the way up the back of the body

Try this stretch to become instantly more flexible in your hamstrings (amongst other areas) (you’ll need a tennis ball or golf ball)


The next stretch is the most amazing hip and back stretch? TRY THIS NOW. 



This is incredible for loosening up this area. If you’re feeling lower back pain…just try this and see how much more relaxed your body feels after!

The last stretch in this blog focuses on the ankle area which is extremely important for any squat motion. 

Finding that your body is tilting forward when you squat? Or have lower back pain? Try these ankle stretches


they could work wonders on your squat depth.

And if you aren’t including some form of squat in your workout programme you’re missing out. There should always be some form of squat, hip hinge type movement (deadlift), push (chest/shoulder press) (unless a form of shoulder injury) and pull (back exercises) for max body development and fat loss.

For all these stretches try them pre and post workout. Also before bed is a great time to stretch to get your body in a relaxed state to sleep. I’d always be very wary of doing too much static stretching before a workout as it can relax your muscles which isn’t great before lifting. But the right stretches like the ones above can do wonders for your lifts and get your body ready to lift by opening up the back, loosening the hips and stretching tight muscles like the hamstrings and ankle.

  • February 27, 2017