The Two Exercises That Will Get You Abs


Watch the video to find the TWO most important exercises to learn when looking to drop body fat, get abs and start slimming that waist down!!


All jokes and sarcasm aside, you will NOT get abs by doing millions of sit ups and planks. These exercises are useless, they may have space in a programme if that person is VERY lean, has a lots of time to kill working out and has already done their strength work.

Better ab exercises to try would be stir the pot (holding a plank on a stability ball and very slowly rolling arms round in a circle (the burn will be more, the exercise a lot more effective than a traditional plank)


Trx pike crunches – a lot more effective than a traditional crunch.


Cable machine crunches – the added resistance has extra benefit over tons of bodyweight reps.


Landmine rotations (with a barbell) holding the top part of one end of the barbell, the other end fixed into a landmine holder or pushed into the floor – then twisting it down to each side of your hips (a good one for the obliques)


Cable wood choppers – hold a cable handle and twist your torso fast to feel it down the obliques


and finally – the best for burning fat too and working the core – SLAMS.


Again all of these (bar maybe a few) won’t have effect unless you’re already lean enough or your abs to start popping out. Your strength work should always come first building a balanced physique working the bigger muscles. Glutes, Lats (back), Hamstrings, Chest etc. Master these muscles groups and your abs will be worked throughout the movement if done correctly.


Sometimes all that is needed is just 2-3 changes to your current diet to drop to the level of body fat needed to see abs. This can be done a lot more easier than people believe and yes, while you may have to give up having a beer everyday you’ll be getting something in return that will make you far more proud, happy, attractive, focused and overall a BETTER person. Let me re-assure you my clients still enjoy a good social life and balance.personal trainer cambridge steve taylor

  • January 9, 2017