Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

*** YOU Are Lying About How Much Food You Are Eating *** 

Are you finding it tough to drop weight and body fat? 

Are you failing to achieve that beach body? 

If so … 

Is it your metabolism?

Your genetics?

Your hormonal imbalance? 

It could be many things.

But in 99.999999999% of cases it is this simple fact… 


That simple. That harsh. That crap .. YEP 

One way or another, over time (let’s say a week), you are eating more than you are aware of (or think you’re eating) 

How do I know this?

Well, not only have I done this MYSELF but also in many of my clients.

I have also seen the research (and years of learning from all the other leading coaches in the industry for fat loss)

Reason number 1. According to an article published in The New England Journal of Medicine that asked a group of individuals to estimate their calorie intake across the course of a day under lab conditions, we massively underestimate what we are eating. 

In this particular experiment, the group underreported their daily intake by 47%.

Let’s put that 47% in numbers .. That is like someone thinking they are eating 2,000 kcals, but in actual fact they are consuming 2,940 kcal!!! 

Spread that over a week ?

2,940 x 7 = 20,580 kcal ?

Compared to an estimated weekly intake of 14,000 kcal (2,000 x 7)

That is an extra 6,000 calories of food!! 

3 extra days that you don’t even realise you’re eating (no wonder so many walk around with a bit of a belly!) 

Reason 2: You Think You Can Eat As Much As You Want As A Food Is Labeled As Healthy or ‘Clean’

For example, many see foods like salmon and mackerel as a “health food”.

Yet despite the amazing Omega 3 it has – a standard portion is a mighty 300 calories WITHOUT any dressing or oil.

Add in some rice, teriyaki dressing, and some sesame oil and you are looking at 750+ calories ?

Nuts I believe are the worst for this – 100g of nuts (which isn’t that much visually) can be anywhere between 500 – 700 kcals!! 

That’s one pretty big snack. 

And this isn’t even mentioning “hidden calories” like those found in fizzy drinks or coffees.

For instance, one Starbucks Frappe has 410 kcals in it. 

That is a good meal for many!

Reason 3: You Unconsciously Eat (Guiltyyy!) 

What da hell does that mean? 

Well ..  Can you recall exactly what you ate yesterday? 

Or even today for that matter? 

The chances are, you may struggle? 

And if you do, you are likely to miss off that donut you had when you walked past your friends desk at work.

Or the 300 kcals from beer you had last night to chill out. 

Or maybe the extra 800 kcals from the weekend takeaway with the misses?

Let’s be perfectly real here.

Until you know EXACTLY how many calories you are eating you can’t blame ANYTHING on having a slow metabolism or hormone issues or even genetics! 

You are just lying to yourself to ease the pain of the truth. Indirectly or directly.

If you’re wanting to take back control send me a direct message and I’ll get back to you and show you how you can easily and quickly start dropping bodyfat! 

Get a grip of your nutritional intake and I promise you will start making progress. 

PS: If you suffer from any health conditions I still encourage you to track your food intake. The chances are it is a combination of the two that are resulting in your lack of weight loss!


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  • November 14, 2016